Talis Equity

VC capital, operating principles, and strategy provided to early stage companies.

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Roger Hungerford

CEO and Founder

Roger is an entrepreneur, strategist, operations expert, investor, and U.S. patent holder with more than three decades of success in business and medical technology. Before launching Talis Equity in 2009, Roger founded and led SIGMA, a "smart" intravenous infusion pump designer and manufacturer. The company employed 750 when it was sold to Baxter Healthcare in 2012 for $250 million.

With Talis Equity, Roger continues to invest and innovate. He is closely involved with a number of charitable causes worldwide and enjoys playing golf and competitive cycling. 

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Brett Hungerford

Managing Director - Midwest

Graduating from Purdue University's Aeronautical Technology school provided Brett with a start in the business aviation world at Executive Jet Management as a mechanic, which quickly evolved into out-based maintenance management for aircraft spread around the country. While at EJM, Brett obtained his MBA to start his own high end bicycle shop, Element Cycles. The project management skills gained in the aviation world as well as marketing and business start up experience are what make him one of our valuable business development assets.

With Talis Equity, Brett is also focused on further investment opportunities throughout the Midwest as well as business strategy throughout our portfolio. He continues to own and operate his bicycle shop which is highly involved in the Cincinnati community.