Talis Equity

VC capital, operating principles, and strategy provided to early stage companies.


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Our history is directly tied to and linked to our founder Roger Hungerford. Roger was born and raised in Medina, NY, attended Indiana University, and spun off Sigma International from his father's company Sigma Motor that specialized in high end machining. Sigma International, , an intravenous infusion pump designer and manufacturer, was a successful intravenous pump company that was sold once in 1987 to Smith Industries. Roger then purchased Sigma back in 1992 to successfully grow it until finally sold to Baxter in 2012.

Roger Hungerford founded Talis Equity in 2009 to further invest in trans-formative technology after three decades leading Sigma.

Currently, Talis Equity is invested in Talis Clinical a Cleveland area based SaaS clinical software development company. We are also invested in Velocitii a Medina based SaaS company specializing in expanding markets for its clients. Our real estate investments consist of The Olde Pickle Factory industrial complex and the up and coming Bent Opera House in historic Medina, NY.

We are focused on expanding our portfolio of technology driven start up or newly founded companies that serve a 'higher purpose' to society while meeting our investment criteria.


Innovation means breaking the mold, breaking the ceiling, breaking the rules. At Talis Equity, we operate under the guidance of these ideals shaped by a half-century of successes and failures. Here is a sample of our operating principles:


  1.  Self interest last.
  2. Honesty all the time.
  3.  Higher purpose with technology leadership.
  4. Trust, but verify. 
  5. All out, all the time.